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Not exactly... But over the last 12 months or so there's not been much update with underdog brewing as I have been focusing myself on a lot of other projects. There also seems to be a few microbreweries & brewpubs apparently opening over in U.S. and Canada with similar names, so between getting tagged on Twitter as beer festivals, receiving congrats on Facebook for the opening of a restaurant and the odd email now & again to see if I need various commercial equipment & services, or provide beer for various event from across the pond, as much as I'd love to say I'm in the business to accommodate it, I'm not.

So I think it's time for a new name, new motive and a new approach, updating all the existing content on, broadening the scope but at the same time from the perspective of an Irish amateur brewer & craft beer enthusiast (aka another beer geek!) I have a new website, brand, the lot on the way, so watch this space!!

Feeling Unique! 🙊 

Feeling Unique! 🙊 

Ps. Some hints are floating around the site of what's to come! ;) 

Plan Bee

Well the first homebrew session went down a storm! good turnout and no complaints (despite my efforts asking everyone to tell me the beer was no use!) Brought some of the brews along to the local homebrew club meetup and they went down very well! Have since done up batch on a Honey Pale Ale and there's a lot of interest on that already taking off! (If only I had a micro/nano brewery with all the bells & whistles!!) It'll be the first of three brews which will involve honey in the recipes. 

Next part of the plan is to get some brews into some local competitions and see where I stand alongside other brewers in the same boat! Keep an eye out on the usual spot (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) hopefully for some good news!

Why Underdog?

So I'm starting out this venture basically on a whim. I've been wanting to start brewing my own beer for a while now and this Christmas, I'll be getting all the equipment and resources to get this hobby going. To make things even more interesting for myself I've set quite an ambitious challenge. Once I've honed the art of brewing homebrew beers with the various of methods that will be shown here over time, I'll be planning on making my own recipes and see if I can get it a decent reputation with in the Irish Craft Beer industry. 

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