Build Your Own Brewery (BYOB) Project

This is what I've been up to for the last last few weeks (months) anyway, the Build Your Own Brewery (BYOB) project, building a Mash Tun, Boil Kettle and Wort Chiller using reasonably priced materials. The aim here was to make the required 'brewday' equipment for All Grain brewing.  If you're not up to speed with the brewing process have a look at this video giving a quick overview on how beer is made - keep an eye on the what brewing equipment is used and why we need it in any brewery (whether that be home or otherwise) 

For the first part of the task I've decided to go with making a wort chiller first. The wort chiller is going to be the last piece of equipment I'll need to use on a Brewday, it's used to cool down the wort as quick as possible for the yeast to be pitched at right temperature. It also helps with the beers clarity and reduces the chance of infection. There are a few different types out there, but the one I'm showing here is an Immersion Wort Chiller. This a tightly wrapped coil of copper pipe connected to 2 lengths of hose. One end connects to a cold water tap and the other drains the water out of the coil. The coil is immersed into the boiling wort and when the boil has finished, turn on the tap and wait for the cold water to pass through the coil and out the other end. during this time, the copper acts as a heat exchange 

To make the wort chiller I basically got a length copper coil, 10-15 meters would have done the job but I got 25 meters to make a double coil.


Unfortunately I had to do some handy work to deal with the fact I ordered insulated copper, as you can see above, wasn't a problem for my friend Stanley. 


Once I had the copper stripped it's simply a case of manipulating  it into a "neat" coil. I used two empty malt extract cans (paint tins work a charm too) and some towels to help me with this. That's the chiller sorted. Now to get down to business... Mash tun!

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