The Underdog Brewing Premier

So my last blog I said I was doing two batches of beer, Stout and Witbeer/Wheatbeer, which i've been busy away getting both together!

In the mean time thanks to the help of Facebook events, I've started the first official Underdog Brewing event, albeit a small private one. This will be the first time the beers will be out for others to consume and while the idea of any this becoming anything more than  hobby is many years away yet, to know that you've made something from scratch (give or take the odd ingredient) yourself and see what you can make it into is very encouraging!

I'll be getting some further development on website going with some useful links, more content on the Homebrew section and a new Brew Log section for anyone else looking to make their own. For folks that got Facebook invites, see you at the Homebrew Session! For the rest, don't worry I'll let you know if it's a down well or like a lead balloon    

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