It's almost another couple of weeks that have past now since I've started the two batches of homebrew beer and if you're following me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter you would have seen they've since been bottled! About 75 pints give or take parked off going through the conditioning and carbonating process. Will probably be another few weeks before they'll be at the stage to drink. 


You might also notice the new revamped website design (and mobile-site/touchscreen friendly version) I was working on in my last post is now up and more recently (last night)I've put up a brand new homebrew section to . If you have had any notions about making your own beer whilst reading any of the blogs here, I highly recommend that you just go for it. You can get the barebones equipment for a small investment but if you have a few extra quid to spare it's worth getting the extra bits and pieces, I explain more in "what you need to get started" under the homebrew section.  It's also relatively easy to make up your first batch as I show in the "Brewday! Beer kit brewing" section, so this is worth a look of you want to get an idea, it really isn't as complicated as you might think!

Baring in mind I'm not exactly a homebrewing veteran but the point is to show from a beginners perspective how simple it is to get started. The Homebrew section is a work on progress section so it will be updated often and extra articles on different brewing techniques, bottling tips, FAQs etc will be added so keep checking from time to time