Why Underdog?

So I'm starting out this venture basically on a whim. I've been wanting to start brewing my own beer for a while now and this Christmas, I'll be getting all the equipment and resources to get this hobby going. To make things even more interesting for myself I've set quite an ambitious challenge. Once I've honed the art of brewing homebrew beers with the various of methods that will be shown here over time, I'll be planning on making my own recipes and see if I can get it a decent reputation with in the Irish Craft Beer industry. 


Now I've fully accepted that the chances of this whole idea falling flat on it's face are quite plausible and I'm sure I'll meet my fair share of nay-sayers and cynics along the way. The craft beer industry itself has it's fair share of big fishes with already well established businesses means I will have quite the challenge on my hands. This is where I got the name for this venture

- The Underdog Brewing Co.

Realistically any viable product will be a long time coming, probably a few years perhaps more. But in the meantime I've setup this website/blog to at least document the whole scheme. From the short term planning, the first home brew, the various brewing skills I'll pick up to the craft beer events and the final outcome. What ever that outcome is, I'll at least have something to show for it!